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KRAZY 'Bout Kombucha Klasses in Olympia!


If you love kombucha but not the $4+ per bottle cost of buying it, learn to make your own! Click here to read more!


Live Carrot Cake

Did You Know That Eating A Diet Rich In Raw, Live Foods Can Help You:

  • Notice improvements from various ailments
  • Release excess weight
  • Have more energy and
  • Look & feel more youthful

But what you may not be aware of is the fact that you don't have to settle for just salads and apples. You can have Pizza, Ice Cream, Nachos and More! Now's YOUR chance to improve your present health!

Because live foods are bursting with nutrients that we need to thrive! Processed, bleached, cooked-to-death foods are void of essential nutrients. Not only that, but cooking food also changes the structure of the food into something that is foreign to the body and the body begins to treat it as a toxin that it needs to ward off. We should eat foods that work WITH our bodies, not against! Incorporating more live foods can bring about wonderful and even miraculous results!! Click here to read more...

In a word...GREEN SMOOTHIES! Don't be turned off by the word "green". Green smoothies are a delicious way to get yourself and/or your loved ones to:
*Consume more fresh fruit
*Consume more greens
*Get essential amino acids needed for protein

*Experience improved health
And all in a delicious, power-packed drink that can replace any meal while providing the opportunity for healing of the cells! Click here to read more...




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